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story_du_jour's Journal

10 January
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Turkey and bacon on Italian, toasted, with lettuces and extra black olives. no dressing or cheese.

I'm a film maker, interested in art,and i love to dance. one of my favorite things to do is hunt for treasure, weather it be sea shells on the beach, or cool clothes in a thrift store. I am an incredibly picky eater, and i dislike the most popular of foods, including pizza. my hair is black, but not on purpose. I meant it to be dark brown, but now i think it looks great. my favorite color is red. Always has been. My favorite food is black olives. I spent my whole life as a great student and worked so hard for my grades. Now I'm so happy to be done with school. I love roller coasters, other fast rides, and fair food. I've never been on a motorcycle but want to. I garden. I don't know what I'm going to "do with my life" yet and that's OK with me. It's going to happen, it's going to work out. It's stupid to worry about it in such an abstract sense.